Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Unlock the potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. Designed for Salesforce and marketing professionals, this program offers hands-on experience and expert guidance to master your career in digital marketing.
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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Course Overview

Welcome to our comprehensive 7-week Marketing Cloud Account Engagement BootCamp, designed to transform beginners into proficient users of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the rebranded powerhouse formerly known as Pardot. This immersive program, spanning 14 insightful sessions and practical weekly workshops, covers a wide array of topics including initial setup, visitor and prospect management, advanced administration, form and landing page creation, lead management strategies, and email marketing techniques, culminating in mastering Engagement Studio. Each week’s hands-on session ensures you apply what you’ve learned, cementing your skills and preparing you for real-world applications. Whether you’re looking to enhance your marketing expertise or take a deep dive into Salesforce’s powerful marketing tools, this boot camp offers the perfect blend of theory and practical experience to elevate your digital marketing journey.

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?

Robust Integration

Seamlessly connects with Salesforce CRM and other tools.

Advanced Automation

Enables sophisticated customer journey management.

Comprehensive Analytics

Offers in-depth insights into campaign performance.

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Why Clarusway

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  • Innovative Teaching Model
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Innovative Teaching Model

  • ForbesCareer CarmaCourse ReportSwithcup are suggesting us.
  • We developed our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Our custom LMS gives you the start to finish structure to get job-ready skills faster
  • Simply login and follow the path laid out for you, that’s it.
  • LMS has everything you need; the lessons, the projects, the mentorship sessions, the portfolio you need to build, the readings you need to do.

Upcoming Program

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Course

Schedule : Part-time

Duration : 7 Weeks

Curriculum : Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist Certification

Prerequisites: Salesforce Administrator Certificate


Last Admission Date


What Will You Learn?


Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Discover the fundamentals and capabilities of this powerful marketing platform.

Setting Up the Platform
Learn the steps for successful setup and configuration of Marketing Cloud.

Visitors & Prospects Management
Understand how to track, segment, and engage with your audience effectively.

Advanced Administration
Dive into system settings, customizations, and data management strategies.

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Forms and Landing Pages

Master creating engaging forms and landing pages for optimal conversion.

Lead Management Techniques
Explore strategies for nurturing and converting leads into customers.

Email Marketing Skills
Gain expertise in crafting compelling email campaigns and measuring their impact.

Engagement Studio Proficiency
Develop skills to create intricate and effective customer engagement journeys.

Launch Price



Total discounted fee is paid at the time of enrollment.

Weekly Schedule

DayTime Class
MondayFree Day
Tuesday7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.Live Class (Online)
Wednesday7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.Hands-on (Online)
Thursday7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.Live Class (Online)
FridayFree Day
SaturdayFree Day
SundayFree Day

The hours are indicated in the “Eastern Standard Time (EST)”.

What Our Alumni Told ?

Sara Maple
Sara Maple
Career Karma
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It has been 3 months I have been taking Salesforce classes in Clarusway and I have already earned my 2 certificates with the help of instructors and mentors. They are really helpful, open to communication and ready to respond all the questions. I won’t think second time to get in this fabulous program. Thank you Clarusway family
Yasin Y.
Yasin Y.
Switch Up
Read More
“It makes me very happy to enter the turning point of my life in such an institution. A team working with the enthusiasm of teaching, thank you in advance to all of them. The education system is divided into pre-class, in-class, and post-class, and it's really designed for you to learn. You can watch the lessons you missed or the lessons you want to repeat as many times as you want.”
Switch Up
Read More
“It is a one-to-one course for those who do not have an IT background and want to specialize in this field. I would definitely recommend. Instructors' approach to students is very good. The training materials are pretty self explanatory.I strongly recommend.”
Course Report
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"Good balance between theory lessons and projects. The small group is perfect to get personal assistance and resolving any doubt. The teachers are very good at adjusting their lessons to students' backgrounds and skills. Also, there are enough projects and content to put a portfolio together at the end of the Bootcamp."
Course Report
Read More
“The quality of the course instructors is among the most important values for CLARUSWAY. Thanks to this bootcamp, my perspective on the world has changed. I started to dream of a brand new world for myself. I can say that it is the best IT course in the field of IT."
Career Karma
Read More
“They really do their job consciously and offer a quality education method. Instructors and mentors are all very dedicated to their work. Their aim is to give students a good career and they are very successful at this. I have friends who were educated here and work in very good institutions. ”
Trust Pilot
Read More
"I definitely recommend Clarusway.I recommend this course even if you don't have an IT background. Because the Clarusway family as a whole support each other tremendously. In particular, the mentor system works very well and you can easily reach your one-on-one mentor."

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly known as Pardot, is a Salesforce solution designed to align sales and marketing teams to work smarter by automating marketing activities and combining customer data and behaviors to create personalized communication.
This BootCamp is tailored for individuals aiming to specialize in digital marketing automation, especially those who plan to utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a core tool in their marketing strategy.
While previous experience with Salesforce can be advantageous, the BootCamp is structured to educate attendees from the ground up, assuming no prior knowledge.
The course employs a blend of theoretical learning and practical application, with live instruction, case studies, and interactive workshops to solidify understanding.
Basic requirements include a computer with internet access, sufficient processing power to handle software used in digital marketing, and access to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Developer org for hands-on learning. Clarusway will provide access to required Developer orgs to the participants.
Upon completion, participants will be equipped for various roles in marketing automation, digital marketing management, and CRM administration.
The key prerequisite is a Salesforce Administrator certification, ensuring that all participants have a foundational knowledge of Salesforce CRM.
The BootCamp aims to prepare participants for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist Certification, though taking and passing the official certification exam is a separate process managed by Salesforce.
The BootCamp is designed to cover the necessary knowledge areas and practical skills that are essential for the Salesforce certification, significantly increasing your readiness for the exam.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement is a comprehensive digital marketing platform for creating customer journeys across multiple channels, while Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is more focused on B2B marketing automation.
Learning Marketing Cloud Account Engagement will provide you with specialized knowledge in B2B marketing strategies, complementing your existing skills in broader digital marketing platforms.
Yes, this BootCamp will cover some topics which will help you to understand some basics of Marketing Cloud Engagement to provide a holistic understanding of Salesforce’s marketing tools.
Absolutely, skills learned in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement are valuable across various digital marketing disciplines, enhancing your capabilities in targeted campaign management, lead scoring, and analytics.
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