Earn $200 in cash for every person that you refer to the program.


Here’s How It Works

Step 1:

Fill out the the form below. You’ll receive a unique sharing link!

Step 2:

Copy or Share that link with the people you wish to refer. You can text it, email it, or share the on social media! (A personal recommendation with a link is always helpful!)

Step 3:

After completing Step 1, we will send you an email to help you track your referrals. Please refer to the sample email screenshot provided below.
step 3

Enroll to The Referral Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When you refer your friends and acquaintances for Clarusway IT programs, as a token of our appreciation, we send you a $200 bonus, and your friends will get a $200 discount toward one of our courses when they enroll. A successful enrollment means they have gone through 45 days of the course and decided to continue taking it. If the student enrollment is terminated before the deadline, the bonus and the discount will not be effective.

  • A “Referral” means the action of referring someone to our program.
  • The “Referrer” is the person who does the referral. It means you’re bringing someone to our program to enroll as a new student.
  • The action of referring someone to the program entitles the referrer to the bonus.
  • The participant is the person begins our program as a new student (thanks to YOUR referral!)
  • When the participant successfully enrolls in the program, the referrer gets the $200 bonus and the participant gets a $200 discount towards the cost of their own program.

The referrer is the person who does the action of referring someone to the program, and as a result, they are entitled to the bonus. The participant is the person who the referrer refers to the program. When the participant successfully enrolls in the program, the referrer gets the $200 bonus, and the participant gets a $200 discount towards the cost of the program. This discount will be applied to the participant’s program cost once they are registered for a course.

  • The referral bonus will be processed for the referrer after the participant’s successful enrollment. (45-day period).
  • The referral bonus payment might take up to a month to be paid to the referrer after it is processed.
  • If the referrer is a current student at Clarusway, the bonus will be deducted from their current or future payments (if they have any.) The referrer will receive the regular referral bonus if they don’t have any charges left.
  • Once you get notified by Clarusway to collect your reward, you will have six months to claim the bonus. Unclaimed rewards will expire after six months.

  • All personal information collected and processed as part of this Referral Program will be used by Clarusway’s Privacy Policy, available at https://clarusway.com/privacy-policy/. Under the applicable laws and regulations, Clarusway shall be responsible for collecting and processing such personal information.
  • You undertake to respect the privacy rights of the people you invite to our Referral Program and direct to our website.
  • When referring to other people, you must always inform them about the applicable terms and conditions and privacy policy. You must do so before they participate in the Referral Program and leave their personal information.
You may only invite personal friends, acquaintances, and colleagues to this Referral Program.
A Completed Referral is when a Referring User refers this program to one of its contacts. Subsequently, that contact will either sign-up, make a purchase or complete whatever action is determined as a referral above.
You must make sure that all personal information you provide is 100% correct and up-to-date. We may monitor your use of the Referral Program or request your ID to verify your identity before issuing the bonus. If the bonus and/or the discount are not processed due to wrong/missing information, Clarusway will not be held responsible.
  • This program cannot be combined with any other Clarusway’’s referral programs, discounts, vouchers, benefits, or incentives. By participating in this Referral Program, you accept that this discount cannot be combined with any other discounts you may receive. The highest discount will be processed.
  • The participant can show only one referrer. If there are multiple referrers for one participant, the first referrer receives the bonus. The participant gets a one-time discount of $200.
  • You understand and agree not use bothersome referral methods to attract new prospective students through your personal contacts. Your participation in the Referral Program must not violate the applicable laws, including but not limited to, anti-Spam legislation (which is the mass distribution of unsolicited messages).
  • You must not publish our Referral Program on any sites or platforms that house any Adult Content, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Games and Online Casinos, Political Content, and any form of illegal activities.
  • You must not refer to people you don’t know.
  • You must only use our Referral Program for personal use and refrain from its use for commercial purposes.
  • The referrer cannot refer someone who is already enrolled in one of our courses. The referral program only applies to students who have not yet applied.
  • You understand and agree that you are only the User of our services and/or products, and refrain from implying any other affiliation or legal relationship with us. You are not an employee or contracted salesperson for the company. We are simply providing a way for you to spread the news about our program to your personal contacts (and saving you both money on your Clarusway tuition!)
  • You understand and agree that you are never legally authorized to bind our company.
  • You must never create any materials that contain our branding, trademark, or (part of) our corporate identity.
  • By participating in the Referral Program, you must not represent yourself as a duplicate, agent, or intermediary of our company.
This referral program is only applicable in the US. Referrers must be 18 years or older.
We may amend the terms and conditions of our Referral Program. We may offer and/or restrict additional incentives, benefits, and programs. As a result, additional terms may apply. You agree that you are aware of possible changes to the terms of the program and any amendments.

  • This Referral Program will run until the announced date, and that date can be extended or restricted. We may also notify Users that the Referral Program has ended immediately.
  • Any referral made before the end of the Referral Program can still participate. However, we may exclude referrals made after their termination date.
  • We may terminate this Referral Program at any time, including your participation or the availability of its benefits.
  • In case we suspect any violations of these terms or otherwise tampering with, fraud, or unreasonable use of our Referral Program, we may, in our sole discretion, cancel any discount, benefit, or payout distribution.
  • If you are a current or former employee, contractor, or affiliate of our company, we may restrict your participation in the Referral Program. We also may restrict or cancel your participation with immediate effect.
  • You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and refrain from violating third-party rights. These rights include any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights.
  • We offer our Referral Program and its benefits only on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We may remove, change and update the Referral Program at our sole discretion. We will never make any promises or guarantees about the content and information of our Referral Program. We disclaim our responsibility for any information that is incorrect or has errors.
  • Our Referral Program is based on our best efforts. You acknowledge and agree that we can never guarantee any benefit or result from participating in the Referral Program.
  • You will defend, indemnify and hold Clarusway harmless from and against all claims, damages, liabilities, losses, expenses, and costs (including reasonable attorneys fees) arising from your referral program.
  • No correspondence will be entered regarding discounts, vouchers, incentives, prizes, awards, or other benefits. Moreover, we shall never respond to any complaint or accept any dispute about the Referral Program. The abovementioned benefits are provided “as is,” and we never refund or exchange such benefits.
  • The law of our residence shall apply, and the court in that country is competent to hear any claim arising out of these terms.